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About NuBell Locksmith

Family owned business here to provide quality service at a price that works for you. Our #1 priority is helping you secure what you cherish most and making sure that you are satisfied. We are here to help everyone anywhere at anytime.​

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Our Process

We are here to help you resolve your problems at a price you will be happy with. 

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Call for Consultation

We will help you figure out what the issue is

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Provide Free
Onsite Estimate

We will help find the best price that's just right for you

Resolve the Problem

We will get the job done in a quick and professional manner

Fixing a Door

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you will like the job or else we will do whatever it takes to get it right

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Our Quality Guaranteed

Hey guys! I'm Seth Ahn from NuBell Locksmith. As an average Joe, I've encountered a lot of services that would always recommend replacing the entire unit when in fact later I find out that the unit is still useable with simple tweaks here and there. Then I thought how many more people would there be like me. 

Sadly but true, there are thousands of people who are getting ripped off for their service just because service men think that the average person doesn't know anything. So they will just advise you to change everything because first of all, it's more money for them and makes work more convenient.

Wait, I thought it was supposed to be customer first.  

That is why I wanted to establish a business based on honesty and trust. We show "YOU" the customer the best way to resolve your issues so that you can trust "US" to do the job right. 

"Your Security
is Our Priority"

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